Below you’ll find my typical project pricing. There can always be exceptions to the prices but these are general estimates based on previous projects.

Support & Updates

I stand by my work. I will make sure to deliver and completely working, error free product to you. I will also work with you on bugs or problems that arise. If there are significant issues that occur after a platform update, for example, upgrading a version of wordpress, then I will also work with you to fix and support those issues.

Although issues that arise because of updates or changes can’t be completely covered under the original project, I want to maintain the satisfaction of my customers so I will gladly work with you on pricing for extended support.

Timely service

Whenever I’m working on your project, then you have my full attention. I’m not multitasking or working on other projects.

I strive to produce the best work in the most effecient time possible. This helps reduce your cost and my ability to create great projects for my customers fast.

I will always try to stay on time and on budget with every project I tackle. With few exceptions, and unless there are a lot of in project change requests, I’m  able to start and finish most websites in less than 40 hours of work and most mobile applications in leass than 120 hours of work.


Problem:  Our music studio needed more exposure to gain students.

Solution:  Landen building us a website!
Landen put together a professional website that is second to none.  VERY professional work ethic, VERY competitive prices and VERY good results!  He knows it all!  I noticed a real balance between letting me, as his client, have as much say as I wished.  While at the same time giving me VERY important feedback as to why or why not an idea would or would not work.  He knows what works in this field, which is priceless, and what is appealing to your potential clientele.  Also, he managed to make sure our website was compatible with ALL formats, computer, phone, ipad, etc.  
I HIGHLY recommend Landen for any website or tech issues!
Clint Harrison

Owner, the Studio

Frequently Asked Questions

Please take a look at the FAQ below for some commonly asked questions and answers.

Do you give discounts?

I will occasionally work with customers, ministries or non-profit organizations on price reductions. I believe my work speaks for itself and I have priced myself competively but I do realize the benefit of creating relationships with different people and companies. Therefore, I don’t ever dismiss a request for price reduction and will generally talk with and consider all options. If you’re working on a limited budget, please let me know and we can try to work something out.

Can you help me fix or update my existing website?

Yes, absolutely. Although it sometimes is easier and faster to consider doing a complete redesign, I can help with existing sites and fixing their issues. We would need to talk about the existing website stack and technology to see if I can help.

Contact Me

For questions and inquiries, please drop me a line.

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